Learn English Through Story ★ Subtitles: A Kiss Before Dying (Level 4) Full En Español

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Bud Corliss was conceived in Menasset, on the edges of Fall River. He was one of the best understudies of the school. He was likewise a wonderful kid. He was in everything the best, however then he was drafted. To begin with he was in Basic preparing camp, then he goes to the genuine war. When he shot Jap, he discovers that he jumps at the chance to slaughter individuals. After he got on honorble release in January 1947. He went to New York. He stayed there for 5,5 months, had 6 distinct employments yet didn’t care for one of them. At that point he had an affaire with a rich ladies for 6 months and afterward he returned home by his mom. At last he picked Stoddard Uneversity in Blue River, Iowa. There he met Dorothy Kinship, a rich young lady, he needed to wed her and he needed to live of the cash of her father. However, then there gappened something he didn’t care for; she was pregnant. Her dad would not like to give the cash to her when she would be pregnant before she was hitched. He didn’t adored, he just cherished her cash. So he attempted to get pills to murder her child, yet the pills fizzled. So he chose to execute her. He advises her that he had different pills to kill her child however she would not like to take them, yet he advised her if the pills didn’t work, he would wed her the following day without the cash of her dad. Bud put some toxic substance in the pills to slaughter her. The following day she wasn’t dead and she came to class and let him know the pills had not lived up to expectations, but rather he knew she lied in light of the fact that else she would be dead by then. So he said “alright we escape”, so she goes home to put a few garments on to wed in. At that point they went to the 14 story Blue River Municipal Building. Before they got hitched hey went to the rooftop. There he pushed her of the rooftop and she fall dead on the ground. It appeared as though she commited suicide.
00:00:20 – Chapter 1: The Room Near the Campus.
00:14:17 – Chapter 2, The Pharmacy Laboratory.
00:28:12 – Chapter 3, The Note.
00:40:00 – Chapter 4, The Municipal Building.

00:54:40 – Chapter 1, On the Train.
01:09:56 – Chapter 2, The Two Blonds.
01:21:11 – Chapter 3, The Detective.
01:34:04 – Chapter 4, On the Roof.
Ellen didn’t accepted that Dorothy commited suicide. So she went to figure out reality herself, in light of the fact that the cops wouldn’t do a thing on the grounds that they accepted she commited suicide. She didn’t accepted that story in light of the fact that she imagined that Dorothy was at the purpose of getting hitched. She imagined that Dorothy was murdered by her sweetheart. So Ellen was attempting to find that beau. She didn’t know a name however she realized that he was a blondie and great looking caballero who imparted a class to hher. She discovered two suitable fellows. Bat right then and there, she likewise figured out that none of boyth young men did it. Since her own sweetheart Bud the executed Ellen herself. Before he slaughtered her he told Ellen that he was the person who had murdered Dorothy.
01:47:02 – Chapter 1, New York City.
02:06:02 – Chapter 2, Gordon Gant.
02:23:53 – Chapter 3, The Smelting Works.


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