www.tec-it.com – This tutorial video shows you how to print barcodes with Excel 2007, Excel 2010, Excel 2013 and Excel 2016. Just try it yourself with the demo software downloads available on www.tec-it.com.

Video auf Deutsch: www.youtube.com/watch?v=V_LG40ZdUT4

With TBarCode Office, TEC-IT’s barcode add-in for Microsoft Excel, you create bar-coded workbooks and spread-sheets with just a few clicks. This barcode add-in integrates seamlessly into Microsoft Excel 2007 and higher. Barcode labels and bar-code lists are printed easily.

In the first part of this tutorial video you learn how to create a single barcode. If required the barcode can be linked to a spreadsheet cell. Dynamic bar-codes, which are updated automatically, are implemented easily with this cell-linking feature.

Instructions on how to create bar-code lists or tables with a single click are shown in the second part of this tutorial. This convenient feature of TBarCode Office allows you to convert multiple cells in an Excel spreadsheet into bar-codes.

TBarCode Office is the ideal bar code extension for linear, GS1 and 2D bar-code printing! This flexible bar code add-in supports more than 100 different barcodes. Among them are linear and 2D barcodes like Code128, Code39, EAN, UPC, EAN128, Data Matrix, QR Code, PDF417, Aztec Code, GS1 DataBar.



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  • Way too expensive, and not to mention, it also doesn't create the barcode 9 times out of 10. It's also messy, it doesn't actually INSERT it into the field.

  • I have installed TBarCode office add in, Its has installed ok and I can create Code 128 barcodes from data in a separate cell, but even though I have linked the barcode to a particular cell, when I retype new data into this cell it doesn't automatically update. I have followed the instructions from the videos and manual and retried in new spread sheets but it still doesn't auto update when new info is added. (This is in Excel 2016)

  • Not possible to follow the fields where the cursor is going to. Need better focussing.

  • thanks a lot

  • Hi,

    I am looking to create a tool that puts a barcode into an email that goes to an individual customer using VBA.

    I am using this add-in to create the list of barcodes (Can be up to 25 barcodes at a time), How do I prompt VBA to pick out the correct barcode for each customer and put this into the pre-defined outlook template?

    I have tested this all without the barcode strip and this works perfectly but I am just at a loss for including the barcode in the email…

    thank you very much.

  • Is there a user manual for TBarCode Office? I was able to find one for BarCode Studio on your website.

  • Hi,

    Does TBarCode Office allow to adding text fields to the label (i.e., Product ID, Description, and Item Quantity)?

  • I installed TBarcode Office, but I having activating the add-in. I tried: File->Option->Add-In->Clicked on TBarcode (Excel add-in). But, it still doesn't show a dialog box on the left of my excel window like you have on the video.

  • can we add product name above the barcode automatically?
    or,we can add it manually?

  • What is the benefit of this, if using 39 font and a simple formula if needed in just Excel?

  • hey How can i installed TBarCode using the option ""Install for all users " i have Ms Office 2013.

    I installed and Click the option but when i use any other account in the same computer it shows me "Demo" and i already purchase a license, hope you can help me with this ´cuz is really annoying.


  • Well i am using Excel 2007 nut i dont have a Addin Tab

  • Many thanks for your comment! We are really sorry, but unfortunately a mac version is not planned in the near future.

  • Grrrrrr, why don't you make a mac version of this program. This would do exactly what I want but its not suitable for Apple.

  • Thanks for your comment!

    The new barcode type is included in the latest versions of TBarCode Office. Please try to choose the appropriate barcode type instead of the EAN barcode named in the videos. Unfortunately, up to now there is no video planed showing this special application.

    If you facing any further problem, please get in touch with our support (support(at)tec-it.com).

  • Got a boss with a need for the new Postal INTELLIGENT MAIL BARCODE for MS Excel & MS Word.
    Will you make a video showing this as this is an upcoming big thing which every mass-mailer is going to need.

  • @RNuria Thanks for your comment. Our videos are intented to provide our users a general overview about the product capabilities. Some of our services are also available for free (e.g. the online barcode generator available at barcodes dot tec-it dot com).

  • just commercial product

  • @kyban45 Thanks for your question! If you want to read the barcode and to open some Access form with the corresponding database entry you need some logic in Access: Connect a scanner (e.g. using TEC-IT products TConnector or TWedge or use a USB keybaord scanner directly) and implement a small look-up logic in Access. For questions -> support at tec-it dot com

  • I was wondering can this barcode be import to a access database so that each barcode is connected to a record to expedite the searching process.

  • @castas82 The next version of this software will include an unrestricted license for a limited time period – just like the barcode maker software Barcode Studio – youtube.com/watch?v=NiJcMSHv0ss.

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