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Canon, HP, and Epson have all largely perfected ink jet printers and this one certainly represents the Canon brand well. It’s inexpensive, easy to configure, and delivers adequate quality for those looking for a low-cost office printer with minimal print needs. It does text and graphics well but it’s really not designed for photos and high volume output.

The scanner has both a flatbed and automóvil documnent feeder but it is rather slow compared to more expensive devices. It supposedly offers duplex scanning but that option wasn’t available on the Mac driver when I attempted to scan a document. Copying a document is very easy and there are separate buttons for monochrome and color copies. It also worked seamlessly with Apple’s AirPrint protocol for zero configuration printing from an iPad and iPhone.

The unit is rather bulky and gets bulkier when paper is loaded as it requires having a tray extended out from the printer at all times. That tray can fold up when not in use but it won’t print in that state either. Ink cost should also be a consideration as one set of replacement ink cartridges is about half the cost of the printer. The color inks are all in a single cartridge so if one of the three dries up the entire cartridge will need to be replaced even if the other inks have some life to them.

As with other printers in this segment of the market they are subsidized by the consumable cost, so if you plan to do more high volume work a laser printer might be a better option. I found the cost of ink replacement for this printer to be about the same as its competitors in this segment of the market.

For occasional printing and other light scanning and copying tasks this is a decent printer. But higher volume users may want to look at other options.

DISCLOSURE: I received this product through the Amazon Vine program to review on Amazon’s site.



RATING : 4.07 ⋆⋆⋆⋆⋆


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