This is a video tutorial on how to install Microsoft Project 2016 or Microsoft Visio 2016 when you are having compatibility problems such as :

* «We can’t install the 64-bit version of office because we found the following 32-bit programs on your PC:»
Office 16 click-to-run extensibility component.
* «Click-to-Run and Windows Installer editions of Office programs don’t get along for this version, so you can only have one type installed at a time.»

NOTE: This method removes and re-downloads your Office installation, along with the selected programs. Merienda downloaded, you will need to re-enter your product key or use a KMS activator to activate your copy of Office.

Microsoft Deployment Tool:

Office Click-To-Run Configuration XML Editor:

Hope this helps!



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  • Rather simple and extremely useful…

  • Thanks a lot! You are a wonderful human being

  • Now replaced with the 2019 version which won't work …. 🙁

  • Neither configuration file nor setup in this link…

  • This works fine with Win10 as of 2/28/19
    OP's "Office Click-To-Run Configuration XML Editor" link doesn't work anymore, but redirects you to which essentially allows you to do the same thing.

    Tried on both a x64 tower and a x86 laptop, both running Win10.
    *The cmd portion at the end is essential for this is work correctly!

  • Got Visio Pro 16 installed along with MS Office 2019 CTR! Great.
    before I got several: "We can't install because we found messages."
    I used the new link: and choosed:
    Visio Professional 2016 – Volume License which leads to an entry "product ID="VisioProXVolume" in the extracted Config.xml
    That worked for me! Thanks!!!!!

  • It worked very well without troubles, it took a while (5-10 minutes until office installation showed up after notification, so if u think it doesent work wait some time, it may not show anything for some minutes after it asks u to install… GL) 🙂 I used KMS and now I can enjoy it, thanks!!

  • this no longer works

  • This no longer works. 🙁

  • I don't know you but I already love you. Thank you very much

  • Genio, idolo, maestro, amo!!! denle una cerveza a este buen hombre!

  • hi, Eduard when I run cmd. this show up.(command prompt error the system cannot find the path specified ) can you help please

  • This is TOP CLASS, thank you very much, more help than Microsoft would ever give you, the method sounds a bit daunting at first but it is dead simple and straight forward, thanks again!! BTW, I installed MS office pro 64bit 2019 click to run and after running this fix i was able to run MS project, i didnt even need to install it

  • i cant find the folder when i run cmd….please help me

  • I have purchased MS Project Pro 2016. While trying to install, it says I need to first remove MS Office Pro 2016. Should I first uninstall MS Office Pro 2016 and then try to install MS Project Pro 2016? How do I get the MS Office package? I need to use Words, Excel and Power point daily.

  • I found this video really useful.
    Thanks Eduard!

  • Worked, thank you.

  • thanks bro !

  • You're my hero. 🙂

  • eduard u saved lives

  • what is the next command after office deployment tool?

  • спасибо большое мужик

  • Hello I have the same issues when installing Project, Do I need to uninstall my current office 2016 before I do this?

  • thank u alot……lots of thanks …..

  • I followed your tutorial but sadly didn't work, I'm afraid I have the click to run Visio but a MSI Office. Is it possibile? How's that fixable?

  • i got same error message///

  • Hi, just tried this for Visio and I still get the "We found a problem!", Office Click to Run installer encountered a problem, MS Office Pro Plus 2016. Any other idea?

  • Brilliant thanks. had loads of issues installing visio 2016 /365 onto a PC which had office 2016 home and business on it

  • Huge props. Confirmed that this worked on a Windows 10 Pro 64bit machine on June 1st 2018! The regular garbage installer failed over and over for Project. Visio worked but Project did not.

  • Hi there. Just wanted to say "Thank you very much for this video." I followed the instructions and it worked for me.
    Maybe you can add that the folder "OfficeDeploymentTool" should be on your desktop before you start with the CMD part. Thanx and have a good one!

  • Thanks for the excellent video. What a pain to get a volume license product install after an OEM product was installed but this made it easy to resolve. Just a note if it's not been stated that for the volume license key to make sure the correct type of license key is used to activate once the product installs. These will be the keys listed under the "for use with the Office Deployment Tool."

  • Do I have to remove my current version of office plus 2016? I'm just trying to get project aswell.

  • An pop up stating Click-to-installer is stopping me from install MS project

  • i have an issue that there are no products affected installed in your package

  • Thank you Eduard,
    I have bought Office and Visio keys and have had the same errors occuring.
    You explained all very well.
    Now it is installed.
    Thank's for sharing.
    Kind Regards

  • Well… after reading all the freakin docs over Microsoft (several websites), noone of them wrote that we needed to boot the setup.exe from the prompt indicating the configuration.xml as a parameter!! THANK YOU!

  • Good solution! For me the only way was to install the Visio first and then the Office. Otherwise it wasn't work.

  • after i finished with the cmd,,the office installation pop up and get closed without any error

  • Dude you ROCK!!!! Thanks a lot!

  • you are the man!!

  • I bought Thousand $$$ product and the solution is in youtube. Fabulous Microsoft engineer.

  • Die aksent klink bekend 🙂

  • Thank you Eduard!!! Very useful and simple tutorial!

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