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In this Video i will show how to install microsoft Visio or Microsoft Project 2016 and other microsoft 2016 product .

when you try to install and getting below error.

» we are sorry,microsoft office installer encountered a problem because you have these click to run installer based office programs installed on your computer
Microsoft visio 2016-en-us
microsoft office 365 proPlus-en-us

Window installer and click to run edition of office programs dont get along
for this version,so you can only have one type installed at a time.
please try installed the click to run edition of
office instead,or uninstall your other click to run based office programs and try this installation again «»

Microsoft Deployment toos:


Office Click to run configuration XML editor:



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  • I did everything you mentioned in the video but the We're getting things ready window is the last thing that shows up on my screen. what can I do now?

  • wtf is this crap?

  • The xml editor proposed by you has expired and now they offer Office Customization Tool. Please advise. Thank you

  • What a life saver👐🏾

  • I have receive a msg ..that my files are extracted successfully …but they are not present in folder that is created on desktop …why????plz tell me i have to submitt my assignment tommorrow

  • xml editor is updated so please update your video accordingly. Other than that it was helpful and works. so great work!

  • for those using to download now. the xml editor is changed a bit. select product you want to get from there. export configuration file. microsoft deployment tool has 3 configuration files now. rename the one you need to configuration.xml and delete the other two xml files. copy the text from the exported configuration file to the one in office depl tool. rest procedure is same.

  • it must be hard for you to hold your phone like that.
    Hey search SCREEN RECORDER, please!!!!! it's not the technology it's an application.

  • Nice work. I adapted the flow a little and it worked for me. Thank you

  • I am using MS office 2007.
    How to install MS project 2016 help me

  • i did same but the error occur is "internet is slow or the space is not sufficient " i have product key also but cannot install project pro

  • Thanks alot. It worked. <3

  • Guys, if it doesnt work, try this. At 7:21 where he does setup.exe /configure etc…he says there is one space after setup.exe but there is TWO!. So it should be setup.exe[space[space]/configure[space]configuration.xml.

    Also, if you try now, Microsoft has some new tool/files when you download the deployment tool. What I did was, I renamed the "Configuration-x64bit" file to just "configuration" and I deleted the other 2 files so that my folder only had "configuration" and "setup" files just like in this video. Both of these changes made it work for me. Good luck!

  • Is it activated. Nice video

  • thank you so much

  • I failed to install MS Project 2016 Pro Plus (C2R) in MS Office 2016 Pro Plus (MSI). I have downloaded ODT ( link above) and prepared the C2R configuration (new release). Can you please inform how to prepare the configuration.xml (new release) ? The new release configuration is different from your video above. I also tried the script of the configuration is the same as your video, but it did not work.

  • Thanks bro, helped a lot!

  • I have purchased MS Project Pro 2016. While trying to install, it says I need to first remove MS Office Pro 2016. Should I first uninstall MS Office Pro 2016 and then try to install MS Project Pro 2016? How do I get the MS Office package? I need to use Words, Excel and Power point daily.

  • Hi! I am having an issue when I run the command "setup.exe /configure configuration.xml" I receive a window that says that Office couldn't install and that I should check my internet connection and hard disk space. I received the error code: 30088-1021 (0). Can you please help me?

  • Thank you very much, if it worked

  • After I opened visio I got a message to login to my account to activate. Did I do anything wrong?

  • Is MS project of MSI installer or Click to run? Same question for Visio 2016

  • I just got a new one from this link.This page is workable for my windows office2016productkeyonline.blogspot.com/2017/08/how-to-get-microsoft-office_28.html, guys who wanna update to office 2016 can go to try it.

  • it says that access is denied for your computer when i enter after typing setup.exe /configure configuration.xml

  • It doesn't work. I have channel monthly. not current. is it a problem?

  • Funciona denle like y compartan (y)

  • i have problem in Command, when i copy past the Office dep tool to cmd command it says office dep tool is not recognized as an internal or external command,

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