Two-Part video series on HP’s new Officejet 100 Mobile Printer that was just released on 04/06/11. The littlest Officejet measures » 13.6×16.7″ x3.2″ when closed and can print 500 laser-quality pages with its detachable lithium-ion battery. It can also print borderless 4″ x 6″ photo prints and handle media as large as 8-1/2″ x 14.»

Travel niceties abound as it folds up into a smooth brick-like shape with no protrusions to catch on anything while in transit. Another convenience is that It can be powered and charged by the AC adapter from HP business-class laptops and accepts XL high capacity ink cartridges for those long journeys.

Part I – A product overview, the unboxing and setup, and ink/media/battery installation.
Part II – Bluetooth and software installation and installed software overview.

Latest excuse – When I dumped Part II into iMovie, I discovered much to my dismay that the audio was missing. I decided to add commentary separately after I had edited out delays, so at times, the dialogue is rushed.

We are confident that you will get the gist though and welcome any questions that you may have. Enjoy!



RATING : 3.07 ⋆⋆⋆⋆⋆


FECHA EN LA QUE SE SUBIO EL VIDEO 2011-04-05 19:46:41 📅


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  • Ever find a solution to the problem with this crappy printer printing blank pages?

  • Amazing 😉 Good Crack 😉

  • Jeeeezus boys! . This is hard to watch

  • very good video you explained everything in detail keep up the good work

  • Can you caption this? I just tried to watch it and the auto captions are gibberish.

  • omg how bad

  • This guy at lets did a test

  • the right clip is stuck one half inch toward the left

  • not the left clip that is gray, but the problem is the black clip on the right, does not move

  • the paper does not fit in mine, a right side black clip blocks from a black guide

  • 7:22  "the next step would be, uh….Oops! " lol

  • looking for a mobile printer that will also scan

  • @TerryWirth my printer is printing one page at a time even though i set it up to print more than one page on a multiple page document, any tips on how to fix this?

  • 14 minute video just to turn it on.  Too long.

  • Hooked this printer up to my mini ipad directly with cord & told it to search for the printer ….never found it . what am i doing wrong?

  • well… has been four years since video upload. did you have any problems with the printer? did you use it as much as you expected? is it worth the investiment?

  • how do you get this thing to scan something?

  • How to connect to my phone… ? I have it smartphone android (Samsung galaxy note).

  • Looking forward to using my new portable HP printer…

  • Is it good for pictures ?

  • it is not as compact as i imagined. Quite large for a portable printer i guess


  • Thanks for watching! We're glad the video was useful.

  • Nice video, the part where you were pulling on the cover going "this opens somehow" was just me in the office going "how does this bastard open??!" LOL thanks for the detailed vid.

  • I am looking for a manual to replace a small broken gear for an officejet 470. I noticed that you have worked on them. Can you tell me where I can find one?

  • such a tease…

  • Not sure because it's been a while (I need more memory). But try BT pairing and then printing from the PDF reader. Let me know what happens. You may have to try different PDF apps in order to find one that prints.

  • Hi, Nice job, but tell me if that print can print a pdf send over a samsung tablet 10.1 ?

  • ha ha lol true

  • You sound like my kinda guy, somebody who is not afraid to crack open your gear and fix it! BTW, the Officejet 150 Mobile All-in-One is pretty sweet as well.

  • it has no scanner

  • I have Android tablet and phone and the OS can see Bluetooth printers. Like you said though, I think you need an app with print drivers to do the actual printing.

  • my dad was able to print via bluetooth with either his droid 2 phone or his toshiba tablet -i'm not sure which though. one of the two devices came with a demo version some kind of print software that let him print 2 as part of the demo. so android OS is able to print withthis printer. –you just have to pay a little extra for a third party app to do so….

  • Unfortunately, you can't print using an iPhone, only Windows Mobile, Symbian and Blackberry.

  • I will try. Sometimes they take a long time to install and/or things need explaining. You can aways fast forward though 😉

  • Next time please don't make your unboxing videos so long :s

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    The album MASTERED THE ART is filled with head-noddin' tracks. Greyboy has definitely mastered the art. My personal fave is the title track.

    I used to love putting samples in the intro to our vids but I got smacked down because of it. Now there's silence in protest. The system says no fun w/o paying the rich piper.

  • which is that song you used at the beginning sounds cool 🙂

  • Since it is a printer only, there is no way to make copies. You would have to scan a copy with a scanner or another MFP and print it on the Officejet Mobile. However, stay because a portable solution with copying is coming soon.

  • will it make copies ?

  • @conjon11 The printer automatically sleeps and wakes up when a print job is received. It consumes almost no power while in sleep mode and is simply snoozing and keeping an ear open for an incoming print job. Bottom line is that there is no need to ever turn it off unless it is being transported.

  • can this printer be turned on/off thru bluetooth on a laptop or do you need to press the button on unit?

  • What makes it funnier is that I feel like I must have changed a thousand cartridges in my day! One recent HP (4500?) had upside down cartridges that you pushed up to set in place. You shoulda seen me sputtering with that one!

    Thanks for watching!

  • Ha! Ha! Had to laugh when you were struggling to load the ink cartridges! 🙂 That's what brought me here. The HP 95 and HP 98 cartridges are a PAIN to load in this little printer. I thought for sure HP packaged the wrong cartridges with the printer. The trick is in knowing that the cartridges, in their FINAL installed position, do NOT sit at an angle, they sit horizontal, as in horizontal to your table or desk. They don't "insert" that way but sit that way once locked in place. A pain!!!

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