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If a Witness joins a non-neutro organization like a political party, he is automatically out of the congregation in a process called «disassociation». While thousands of JWs have died rather than compromise their neutrality, what has the Governing Body done in this regard?
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  • jehovas are so hypocritical ! every old arse in my congreygayshun recieves USA welfare of some kind and thats neutral ?

  • I have never been baptized (thank goodness). Don’t know if a letter from me would be affective. 🤷🏾‍♀️

  • yet, they force their members to repent and show they have done something wrong in a disgraceful way, shunned by the others. But they will never do that themselves, they deny their sin and lie……Shame on the watchtower leaders

  • Out standing video! Great points! Great work!

  • One word…hypocrites!

  • Ohhhhhh wooooooow, you got an epic point in that its by their own laws/ reasoning that we speak up on their hypocrisy that we were supposed 2 uphold flawlessly. Mannnnnnn this is great and telling that maybe God is wanting them to recognize THEIR super errors and to listen to the ppl that they would judge and shun and condemn to maybe get cleaner annnnnd more """""""loving"""""" as an org. Like really tho, not just outwardly but as human 2 human and quit making their own rules/policies/laws

  • In x j w analizer they have secretly recorded a watchtower lawyer telling if then still with the u n for the purpose of protecting the delegates in dangerous countries. The watchtower is usi g satN for help instead of Jehovah, I was bit surprised cause u heRd they were still with the u n but never heard it out of the mouth if. Bethelite worker, I see that theydud not use the u n as they said, they think Satan is a better bet the. Faith in Jehovah, the faves and names are not used and the faces blurred out. I can’t prove this is true but it sure seemed to be, I googled and cannot find association of the watchtower with the u n now. It could be blacked out. I don’t k ow how it works but I think if there is a call to the u n would they admit or tell if the watchtower is with them? Should I call them or a waste. Of time as the truth will not be told,

  • The sad thing is that the 8 million witnesses know nothing about this because they can't read, or watch anything that isn't directly from the WT. They will turn the channel if somebody is about to say anything negative about JW's.

  • The U.N. thing is what made me decide that JW'S aren't for me. They specifically lied about it. I remember seeing my dad's book that showed a wild beast and it was talking specifically about the U.N.
    That's hypocrisy, and that's why they don't want witnesses reading outside material. They'll find out the truth.

  • 🤔 I knew, but not the details😥

  • Mexican Sect "La Luz del Mundo" = Sect "The Beroeans.

    "La Luz del Mundo Church leader Naasón Joaquin García" charged with child rape in US.

  • Eric I would sign but have been disfellowshipped years ago.I agree with you though.

  • I love you

  • I do not want you to feel that trying to make argument out of this. The witnesses has failed many sisters and even brothers in this matter. That one main reason why they left the organization. I know for a fact that Jesus will raise someone to continue from where left off. People are not listening to the witnesses anymore they have the fame the name of Jehovah.

  • What I am trying to do is to test your expression to see if it is from God.(1John 4:1) I have the right to do this because the Bible said so. But from what I can see is that your trying your best. I think that you need not to used the witness publications and then criticized them about it. When I did the research on the one witness rule I didn’t used their publications. Yes,it good to used their publications as a guide line . This help me to see what is false.

  • I was expecting my answer with bible scriptures and in details. I have done research after research on this subject and I came out with the same results.

  • I do understand that. But remember that Paul was filled with Holy Spirit. That one reason why Paul said, what he said in 1Timothy 5vs19. But in our case we do not know who lying or saying truth.

  • I got this question. How do you view the one witness rule? If you were come up on a situation were the one witness rule would not be needed. Like for example child abuse. How would handle the situations where everyone is satisfied. (Key) Remember God is a God of Justice and also remember that we do not have God but our side but we have his words the Bible.

  • I think that you should not from a religion because we know that Jehovah will destroy Babylon the great. But what you need to do is to bring the brothers and sisters together in that way we can continue to the work of Jehovah. Do not waste you time about criticizing the witness and comparing them but rather do the things that Paul did. And I know that we have brothers and sisters that are yearning to do work of Jehovah. The preaching must continue regardless.

  • I think you should follow the footsteps of the apostle Paul.

  • It’s too bad we have no way of contacting the governing body. Is there a way? You got the address? I have many questions for them.

  • So all the nations bonding together to stand against Slavery and Torture is working with the Devil now? This is why I left religion; more questions than answers. Also No one owns me, no human, nor God. Even if your God does exists; they don't own me. I follow my own heart, and my own conscience. All religions are hypocritical in some way.. Christianity preaches love and tolerance, but it practices the opposite. Just remember that Jehovah's Witnesses cover up Child Abuse, because they refuse to contact the Police and bring justice to the victims.

  • Irish Home DeeMob
    Yes. Jesus when apprehended by the guards said: if it is me who you are looking for, take me but leave these one alones ( the apostles and disciples) .
    But the governing body seem to be saying : take these ones but leave me alone.
    “ there is no greater love than giving your own life for your friends”.
    “ I came to serve and give my life as a rescue for many. DO THE SAME” ; that is, GIVE YOUR LIFE AS A RESCUE FOR MANY( devote your life even to death if necessary).
    Why do many Christians forget that the commandment “ to give your life” ? And only miss-use the word “serve” to occupy leadership and authority “thrones” but without facing consequences ( imprisonment, torture, humiliation, even death) like the smaller sheep do ( but those on “ thrones” do obtain power, MUCH money , and honors in the face of people )?
    At least , among corruption and degeneration inside the catholic hierarchy ,many more Catholics priests , nuns and some followers fullfill that command of the Lord , many are even killed defending the innocent ones, the poor ones, the oppressed ones, teaching true freedom.
    …but the ( self-appointed) high ones will be the lowest ones and the humblest ones will be exalted”. Because only He , the Lord, is Wise and merciful and just ! To him all praise, glory, power and honor! If we are judged guilty and are punished , HE is just , the true justice, the source of all goodness. May God forgive us and show us the Truth ( through Jesuschrist) and how to better and more completely do His will .
    May God have mercy on us … he said “seek and you will find, ask and you will be given”…but ask according to the will (justice and love ) of God and , painful as it is to ask so because it is , in complete abandonment in the hands of God and when we don’t understand nothing of nothing but trust that must be good because Our Father has permitted or willed so, may we say at the end of each prayer and petition : but do your will and not mine!

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