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  • Is it just me? I find the sound quality very poor and hard to make out; perhaps using a pin on microphone would improve this and therefore your sales?

  • A male or female but for a professional massage therapist is just bundles of muscles, we don't have the fantasies of the general public.

  • The good doctor is getting fresh with that ass.

  • thank you very much for comment as well for watching my works. I'm glad you find it helpful.
    Best wishes.

  • @ChemicalViruS004 I'm glad you like my video , but very sorry to hear about your health problem. As I stated at my clip, in most cases both, compression of spinal nerves as well constricted periformis muscle, can contribute and trigger sciatic nerve neuralgia, not always disk herniations is responsible for difficult clinical picture.
    In both cases protocol that I am presenting, can change condition to better. I wish you to get well fast.

  • I suffer from ciatica due to discal hernia and it's very painfull in fact I have 2 of this injuries and I'm only 24 years old.
    I respect your ocupation and knowledge.
    People like you make our life better.
    Good video

  • @kawana87 actually any good school, first of all will teach you correct biomechanics,which including
    utilization of your own weight in order to create desired pressure.few of my youtube clips I did dedicate to this subject. Please try to find them. Probably at channel.even it's physical methods of treatment,I don't believe you have to be extra strong. Just normal ,average physical condition. Good luck.
    Best wishes.

  • I have always been very interesed in giving massages even when i was young. i used to 'feel' the massage i was giving as if it were being done to me.
    even just by looking at someone gettng a massge i can sort of 'feel' what he is feeling
    is this something good or just something ordinary? or do i just have too much imagination?

  • @mgaft1 Absolutely, Im sure it would be different in that situation. Its something that's got to be done. Ive thought about being a massage therapist in the past, and am still considering it. Who knows… Do you find that it takes alot of hand strength? I imagine your hands just get used to it with time. Thanks for the response.

  • @kawana87 I appreciate your respect to my profession. I really do.I can understand, one can think that he/she wouldn't be able to do it until one will realize, that at the time when on table person suffering from untolerant like tooth pain, sciatic nerve neuralgia, and what does it take to relieve this pains is to mobilize muscles within buttocks, most likely one wouldn't feel this way as you described.possibly you can be very good in this occupation.
    Best wishes.

  • Man, I respect your profession Boris, but I dont think i could do it. I know its all very professional, but i could never touch another mans butt haha, even for medical purposes.

  • I bet if I got a massage from you, Boris, all others would pale in comparison.

  • Boris and Lita should work together 😀

  • @UMBUBA I hope you also like my hands on demonstration .LOL in any case thank you very much for posting. It is always pleasure.
    Best wishes.


  • poor audio

  • @WingThaiJ as a continuation of our professional discussion,and in order for me to be able to reply please clarify what does it mean:"Once you get at the mechanical problems" did you meant to say mechanical pain?
    you are saying"Muscles are typically a secondary issue, if an issue at all."do you mean muscular syndromes
    is not an issue?and finally please explain what do you mean by saying: "to rule out the lumbar spine,"?
    Best wishes.

  • @WingThaiJ don't worry,and take your time. Usually if people do not using bad words I never deleted posts. Always encouraging professional discussions.. please explain what does it mean:"You hsve to work from the inside out, not the outside in."
    will be also great to know if you are recently practicing physical therapist?
    for a sake of professional conversation, please offer us your understanding of therapy by means of physical therapy:thank you.
    Best wishes.

  • Oh, and massage therapy since 1985

  • Muscles are typically a secondary issue, if an issue at all. The first thing to do is to rule out the lumbar spine, you don't search for muscle entrapment as a first approach. Once you get at the mechanical problems, you can then ad other procedures that may be believed to be helpful.

  • I tried to post info. to spur a professional discussion, however, the posters weren't professional enough to leave the info.. Therefore I'll keep it short, as this will too be deleted quickly. If you have back pain, see a physical therapist FIRST! They can best determine the need or lack-thereof of massage. You hsve to work from the inside out, not the outside in. Just laying prone has an effect on the spine, could be good, could be bad. I was licensed in massage & been doing PT for over 20 yrs

  • @xXBurstGamerXx there is different reasons could be for muscle described muscles that most likely due to stress and prolonged working on computers can produce higher resting tone, and pain. Always good to consultant Dr. but in most such cases constant massage( at least 12 treatments twice a week) is a solution.
    I wish her to get well fast.

  • Thank you for such a good explanation of what you are doing.

  • @JackinMilwaukee in most cases muscle cramps is a result of ATP insufficiency.please talk to your Dr. there is a lot of magnesium, potassium supplements . bananas and other produces containing this minerals.also muscle cramps could be results of blood supply insufficiency.
    happy new year and many blessings to come.

  • i need someone like you to fix my hip

  • @1ProbablyHateYou —

    Where we can come to get the massage from you???

  • I find these videos both very informative and very relaxing. I try to watch them before I go to sleep in order to relax me. Thank you very much for posting, you are indeed very gifted and talented.



  • @1ProbablyHateYou increased resting muscles tone expressed in functionaly /reversible shortened as well widen muscle.tried to flex your forearm. nature of this movement is a constriction of biceps.for movement it does take significant shortens of muscles.tension in muscles is much less visual because less constricted and with no volunteer activations.
    Best wishes.

  • @Accepted686 it is a great privilege to be able to inspire others. Thank you for comment.
    Best wishes.

  • @mandydancerful sorry for delay with my reply.somehow have missed your so important to me post.was very happy to hear that somehow my work helps you to improve your professional skills. Thanks again for letting me know.
    Best wishes.

  • You inspire me! 🙂

  • Dear @AngelicEvaUnit00,

    Our site has been hacked. It took us some time to notice this and correct it. Thank you for pointing this out.


  • Your video now has a green ad at the bottom of it that doesn't disappear like a regular ad. I'm sure you don't want it there cause it sort of makes it hard to see everything.

  • @08obamafan08 thank you very much for your kind is great feeling.
    Thanks again.
    Best wishes.

  • @Moderm101 thank you very much for" Great video". "Love your work" is a huge source of motivation to upload more of my works.thank you very much.
    Best wishes.

  • @wrestlingclassic2 I am assuming you didn't understood some or all presentation of short fragment from two hours instructional DVD.if you didn't understood because my English I'm sorry cannot help. Trying to improve it. But if you couldn't understand something because of professional terminology and you are not professional then don't blame side is for professionals who can learn some approaches and for general public just to know that medical massage could be helpful.

  • آعقبو يارجاجيل هي مره ؟؟؟

  • The English is a bit hard to understand but the technique looks great.

  • he really knows anatomy

  • wow i wish i could get a massage like that

  • It is the voice quality of the video that makes it difficult to understand. I understand the terminology fine,just not able to make out your words very easily along with the accent, makes it difficult to follow. better voice production will make it easier for people to follow. thanks.

  • Dear garciajennifer223
    I'm so sorry that you couldn't understand what I'm talking about. In order for me to be able to help you please let me know if you are professional in my fields and how many times you have tried to view this clip .
    Best wishes .

  • Man, I wish I could understand him better. It's hard to learn from what he's saying when I'm spending so much time trying to figure out what he's talking about.

  • godly thumbs

  • ha…fo realz

  • lmfao!!…cant you people take a joke…sheesh..such party poopers

  • @fate241 grow up

  • ha! its a mans butt

  • I wish there were specialist like you here in Norway! Everyone I go to they are just about money and no one does anything with my back problems 🙁

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