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Microsoft Office 16.27 Download Link,
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Microsoft Office 16.25 Download Link,
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Microsoft Office 16.24 Download Link,
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  • Holy Shit, I honestly thought this was going to be like the other fake ones on Youtube. But Nah, thank you so much my man. I appreciate this so much, I don't even know what to say 😀

  • I can’t get the file to open on. Can you please send me the link?

  • I am not getting to the google where the file is to be able to download it. When I click on the link it takes me to "Glory Link" and then a aptcha box pops up and asks me to check it to proceed to the destination(i.e . where the file is) but i check it and it still remains there, i mean the "glory link " page still remains. Anyway, i just needed only the serial activator. Is there a way to send me only the activating key please! thank you in advance

  • the crack doesn't work for me I followed the steps can you help me

  • I've installed latest version 16.25 but it doesn't activate. Any clues?

  • why is my microsoft word not activated? excel and ppt are both activated though. thanks!

  • Hi, this one work fine for me but i downloaded photoshop too and it keep failing at the installation what can i do.

  • Thanks alot! It worked just as you showed!👍🏽

  • Hi, will not let me use a personal email account in outlook, asks for a student log in ?

  • Thanks, it worked. I had Office installed previously. I just installed your crack and worked perfectly.

  • Hi, why is it I can’t download the link that you said😔 in the video. When I trying to click the link it always said “403 forbidden “ PLEASE HELP

  • thanx bro. works like a pro.

  • My link does not proceed to google drive please. Been trying for days now. Please help

  • thank you

  • Me too… This doesn't work. The link goes to glory link, if you click the captcha nothing happens. Help me please

  • thank you so much
    but is the script safe?

  • This doesn't work. The link goes to glory link, if you click the captcha nothing happens. Tried several times

  • Supeeeeeeeeeerrr!!!!
    Thanks, its useful! 🙂

  • First of all, thank u very much for the video.
    I wonder if I can sign in with my microsoft account to access to Onedrive and more without any problem?

  • Hi, is it normal that the autosave option has been removed?

  • it's working thank you

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