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Lots of folks have written in asking about how to sideload APK files onto the Nvidia Shield TV. It’s actually pretty easy provided you have the following prerequisites:

1. Sideload launcher:
2. ES File Explorer:

You’ll then need to turn on the unknown app sources option in the security menu. After that you will be able to install apps from the APK file!

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Un software informático escrito en un estilo orientado a objetos.
Un software informático o software de computadora es una secuencia de instrucciones, escritas para realizar una tarea específica en una computadora.1​ Este dispositivo requiere programas para funcionar, por lo caudillo, ejecutando las instrucciones del software en un procesador central.2​ El software tiene un formato ejecutable que la computadora puede utilizar directamente para ejecutar las instrucciones. El mismo software en su formato de código fuente descifrable para humanos, del cual se derivan los programas ejecutables (por ejemplo, compilados), le permite a un programador estudiar y desarrollar sus algoritmos. Una colección de programas de computadora y datos relacionados se conoce como software.

Muchos programas diseñados para Windows pueden calar a costar hasta cientos de euros. Si vas a utilizar alguno de estos programas de continuo, puede que sí que te interese retribuir el precio del software.

Sin bloqueo, si solo necesitas usar el software alguna que otra vez puede que su precio no te compense. Es por ello que queremos proponerte una repertorio de alternativas gratuitas a esos programas de suscripción para Windows.

A continuación te mostramos los mejores software injustificado para Windows que puedes descargar fácilmente sin llevar ni un solo euro.


  • Hi do you know how to install unknown apps from other source bec every tie i try to download some apps it will tell me. For your security your device is not allowed unknown apps from this source.

  • Why mess around with a separate download on a memory stick? Can't the Nvidia Shield download apk files from the web?

  • I just got the nvidia shield and needed Chrome…It loaded but freezes on opening? Is this a problem with chrome or Shield

  • Could you do a vid on how to get spdif to a Nvidia Shield that's the one thing i'm missing on the shield.

  • Why can't I see my usb flash drive on my device using ES File Explorer?  Help please-thanks

  • I need help i have a new nvidia shield TV box that i got for Christmas and i have a g-box with a great build how can i transfer my build from my g-box into my new nvidia shield TV box

  • Do you need a host PC?

  • did not see the USB2 on ES File Explore how did you get that

  • Hi Lon tv great video. Try using tv app repo i think is better than a sideload laucher

  • This doesn't work to install Puffin Browser so that sites still using a lot of flash can be enjoyed

  • will any apk will work… I have a apk working on my cell but not on my nvidia shield TV… the app is on play store narcoseris.apk….ANY IDEA

  • What is the difference in the "pro" shield and do we need that one?

  • okay, but where do you get the APK files??

  • Great video but really disappointing that most of the questions below do NOT get answered… Dont have a Shield (yet) so cannot help myself but I too have many similar questions and no answers 🙁

  • hi there just bought the nvidia shield tv love kyrpton on it. however when I'm in my file manager and
    I can't see my install highlighted at all when I do an apk from chrome or USB I have to guess what I'm selecting. is this a display setting or? it's really not user friendly the remote that is.
    I also did install speedtest apk and it does some funky thing rotates to portrait and it doesn't respond to anything I push on yes again the remote is there a remote issue with the Nvidia shield?
    sorry of a little confusing I'm flustered as all get out.
    thx in advance

  • I'm experiencing the piercing error on all my application trying to side-load and it's not bringing up the side load as an installer either. please help !

  • great information , thanks

  • Re: HDHomeRun beta APK updates Rather than use a memory card for installation, I downloaded the apk file to the Download folder under SHIELD/Internal. I have a 240GB SSD set up as internal storage. I set up the Shield to allow access to my attached internal and external storage devices. I simply have to download the file using my WIN PC that sees all this under Network using File Explorer. Easy download and then just use ES File Explorer to run.

  • does the shield support DRM channels that currently only WMC supports using the HomeRun HD?

  • I tried to use an app loaded this way, called motortrend on demand, it doesn't seem to be able to access the Internet and work properly
    do you know an u good ways around this?

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