SQ13 Mini Camera 1080P HD INSTRUCTION HOW TO USE Quick video. Get it from GearBest: goo.gl/ZsDoUu

First camera of this series with WIFI. It can be used as a dashcam as it records in a loop cycle. It also can record in the dark due to its night vision function.


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Main Features (credits Gearbest.com)

Quelima SQ13 is not only a car DVR but also a mini action camera. Never will you miss any details when using it to record 1080P Full HD videos. What is on 4 lanes is in sight. More importantly, the camera turns you into your own photographer – place the mini cube anywhere you like and snap happy by using the App. Put on the water-resistant case to have fun regardless of the weather and location. Fun is on the go!

Main Features:
●3MP camera for taking 2K photos and 1080P Full HDvideos
●Night vision with 8 IR lights to see clearly what happens in the darkness
● 155-degree wide angle + App control via WiFi
● A water-resistant mini action camera for travelling light and capturing fascinating moments
● 300mAh LiPo battery provides 90 minutes’ recording, supports working while it is charging

WiFi hotspot: SQ13_xxx
App name: Sports DV
App download: App Store, Google Play, QR code on the user manual
System requirement: iOS 8.1 or later, Android 5.0 or later

Shipped without a waterproof shell, the waterproof shell needed to be purchased separately

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This camera was sent to me for free of charge in return for an honest review. My reviews are honest and unbiased. This is not a paid review.
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RATING : 4.72 ⋆⋆⋆⋆⋆


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  • Are you compatible with your Android phone? Can I do live streaming over Messenger?

  • Good video, could you please tell me how to charge the battery. Thanks.

  • What’s the battery life?

  • Hi, I forgot the wifi password, what can I do, please help

  • you can use it on any pc tablet or phone if you want as i did a wifi camera with usb supply then you can open it clip the +5v from the battery and connect 20mm kinar wire red from the boards +5v red to the 5v usb pin and disconnect the usb supply too the board this will preserve the box no 5v addition and wifi you can use a small reset delay ic so that the cam when powered comes straight to usb mode..

  • bom dia pode me explicar se tem sensor de movimento e como funciona.

  • SQ13 Mini WiFi Action Camera. Instruktioner. Svenska. org-info.mobi/manual/sq13sv.htm

  • has as reset to sq13 for factory configuration I changed the wifi password to 4 digits and it does not enter the wifi anymore because it has to be 8 digit the 4 digit password and it does not release the connect button

  • Hi, does sq13 have motion detection mode?

  • How to use as webcam? Is there any windows app?

  • Nice review!
    Does it only support p2p wifi with a maobile phone or can it also be used on a home wifi network?

    Best regards, Jonic.

  • alguien por favor podria mandarme el link de descarga de la app para android
    de la camara sq13

  • how to reset I forgot my password

  • wi fi sucks on these things…it is only good if you are in the same room with the cam try to go into another room and signal is lost!

  • I changed the wifi password of my SQ13 and forgot what it was. I pushed both buttons simultaneously, but that only shuts it down. I dissasembled it looking for a factory reset button, but i didnt round it. Any suggestions?

  • Where to buy original QUELIMA SQ 13?

  • It seams to operate only in your WiFi area outside WiFi
    Will not connect to mobile

  • Not a true 1080p

  • please help meI am forgotten password  how make reset or factory resetthank you so much

  • is it just for video without audio ? because i have one but audio don't work

  • Will this work on a home wifi network? Is there an app or program for a windows PC to operate the SQ 13?

  • i see that u have the quelima sq13 in your phone,did u download it?..im sorry maybe i just didnt understand everything..but thanks

  • can it do wifi while in nightvision mode?

  • Umm how do you connect it to wifi?

  • Do you know how to perform a factory reset on the SQ13 camera? Thanks

  • Good job! Very helpful!!

  • Minimum requirements/specs say Windows 7 IOS Android. Any idea of what app works with Windows 7 to access the camera and it's settings or control the camera? Or is is the case that Win 7 OS is only used to read the onboard TF memory and charge by USB? I have found that Android needs work app does a poor job changing camera settings, IOS version works correctly.
    Tks large.

  • Very jumpy when recording a moving object. Mine will only record 30 minutes on a 32gb SD card and I have to format for it to start recording again. Doesn't record sound even though it says it does. Maybe it requires an external microphone? Outdoor in sunlight the sky is too bright and image looks washed out. Battery doesn't last as long as they claim.

  • Thanks for the useful video. How long does it take to fully charge, would you say? Thanks.

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