Learn how to set up an HP DeskJet 3700 series printers.

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Setting Up an HP DeskJet 3700 Series Printer | HP DeskJet | HP



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  • If the ink cartridge casing isn't visible or stuck on the side it is jammed. Just turn the printer on and hit the cancel button (the X button) and it should fix itself.

  • For those who have problems setting up this printer. Actually it's really easy all you have to do is download the app for your phone and detect printer with location sharing function on your phone. Then just enter wifi settings into the app you can find it in your routers control panel and install drivers from hp website. That's it ready to go and works really well. You can access printers control panel in your browser with the ip address it shows how much ink left and other settings. Also design is absolutely amazing great product.

  • this printer is fucking trash, just spent an hour trying to connect it to my wifi but it just wouldnt. The guide given by hp is unclear. Unlikely to purchase another hp product in the future.

  • I got a new ISP and it messed up my printer, cant print anything…anyone help?

  • This printer is the greatest one I ever have had and so small as to stick it wherever! But this narrator's-woman voice & explaining is just a true NIGHTMARE! Could not they find any better & NORMALLY speaking person for it? Is so terribly annoying – like shaker with ice,lol!

  • It used to work now it doesn’t show up on wifi options and where’s the IP address

  • Help when I open the door to put in the ink there is no cartage case that comes up

  • Nothing about initial set up? Do you need to download the driver or is it on disk? Can u download from website?
    Wish this was just plug and print. Might return.

  • Amazing printer! As a student, i have made lots of booklets from it and the quality is amazing!

  • All of you guys are talking about how this printer is crap and stuff but really yall just dont want to put time and effort in trying to figure it out and i have to agree with @a slightly disappointing Salad because i am a student too and this printer isnt complicated at all

  • Don’t eat the ink

  • so what's the maximum amount of paper you can put in at a time, because I'm scared to break it so I am only putting in 1 piece of paper at a time. An answer would be greatly helped

  • Best hp printer get it right♥️♥️♥️

  • Simple printer.and cheap,for students this is good printer.

  • that moment when u dont have any paper

  • ive been using this for a while now. great printer (HP DJ 3720). but recently it doesn't print in black and white, it prints blue and black (when i set it to black and white) and it prints nothing when i set it to color. the first thing i did was obviously check the cartridge levels and yes they're both full. i've tried printing a few information pages and the color works but theres nothing in black. This is just the right printer for me as I am a student and do not have alot of room, I would love to keep using it. Thanks is advance

  • the printer carriage is stuck on the left side. i have looked through the article about it, and this is a brand new printer so there isn’t anything jammed in it.

  • Tried to make copy came out all black why

  • This is the worst printer I ever bought

  • Can I do watermark in paper???

  • Hello
    Im having a weird problem with this printer. I was printing yesterday normally, today im trying to find it through wifi network but I cant find it.. please I need help with this issue as soon as possible

  • how can i fixed my HP 3776 deskjet?? can't connect to wifi seeing only blue light blinking

  • blue shade coming with colour photo

  • Not good product..Eat ink fast also scan option y HP forget to put tray for paper scan always need to push paper to scan

  • Like many others I can't set this printer up at all. For such a simplistic idea they've somehow made this hard. I've spent hours trying to go over the set up, making sure I've not been an idiot and missed something simple or not followed the instructions, and I STILL CAN'T set this damned thing up. Terrible decision on my part. Oh well, I shan't be using HP again after this. On to more user friendly, reliable IT.

  • I've tried everything to get this printer to work and nothing is working. I just wanna use the usb cord.  My computer says the printer is set up but when I click print on the computer, it just keeps going around and around and won't print. I've clicked on the links on here that you've told other people about and followed the instructions and it's still not working. I've never had this much trouble with any other printers before.

  • Very useful video

  • Bought a 3700, can scan and print from Microsoft Word, but Adobe Reader can't find it at all….
    But that is not the major problem. The unresolvable problem is that I can't seem to make it the default printer!!! Despite the fact that I opted out of wireless and only want to use it for USB based printing.

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