El secreto de Feriha 68 Capítulo En Español MEDYAPIM; Desde su establecimiento en los últimos 19 abriles, se dio cuenta de que MEDYAPIM tipo de software,
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The cinema is considered as seventh art, something assigned by Riccioto Canudo in his work «Manifesto of the Seven Arts» published in 1911. This would be the first time that would define the cinema as such, a concept that will settle and will reach today as synonymous with the big screen.
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Horror Cinema: It is a cinematographic genre that is characterized by its will to provoke in the spectator feelings of dread, fear, disgust, disgust or horror. His arguments frequently develop the sudden intrusion into a ordinario domain of some force, event or character of a malign nature, often of criminal or supernatural origin. Famous examples of such films can be:
Paranormal Activity, Room 1408, REC, REC 2.
Comedy Cinema: It is a movie with humor or that tries to provoke the laughter of the audience. Along with drama and science fiction, comedy is one of the most important film genres. Famous examples of this type of films can be: Disaster Movie, Supersalidos, Que mueros los ufos, Scary Movie.

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