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The appearance of the cinema occurs on December 28, 1895, and is attributed to the Lumière brothers, who projected moving images in front of an auditorium. The event provoked by the invention, led to a rapid evolution of the same, and by 1899, had already produced a film of 15 minutes.

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Cinema is a technique of projecting frames in a fast sequence that simulates motion. The word cine, comes from the Greek and means movement.
The growing demand was covered with hundreds of films a year, mostly Westerns, pastel comedies and elegant melodramas.
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The cinema has managed to enter, stand and remain as part of the activities of the human being. At present, it has enough financial support to become involved as a commercial industry, and has drawn up extreme advertising and publicity plans that allow it to obtain satisfactory results in order to generate ever greater assistance and achieve one of its objectives, which is gaining profit.
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