Designed this printer out of a scanner, CD-ROM push, mechanical challenging push, Arduino Duemilanove, Meccano, 3 motor driver boards, and a pencil.

I use a point cloud application termed CloudCompare to transform graphic information into a raster, and then export it as an ascii textual content file containing «x,y,z,coloration» values. Z is clearly often zero and is ignored. A benefit that isn’t really white for coloration tells the printer to smash the pencil (black and white only). X and y values are used to articulate the mechanisms. The reason I course of action the images this way is because it can be just less difficult for me than figuring out how to study graphic documents in Arduino code.

To print, the ascii textual content file is streamed around the usb serial connection to the Arduino via HyperTerminal (utilizing XON/XOFF for stream manage). Print resolution / sizing is 255 pixels extensive by however very long the scanner mattress is.

I imagine it could also be useful in the kitchen area for chopping greens.

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